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Miniature Artists' Books - Fall 2023: List

Selections from the CIA Library Artists’ Books Collection


Selections from the CIA Library Artists’ Books Collection

Banana, Anna. Twenty years of fooling around with A. Banana. N7433.4.B363 T9 1990

Baron.  Go back, it's a trap!  N7433.4.B3766 G6

Cassagne, Marie Paule. Ephemerides: (livre papillon). N7433.4.C38 A4 1994

Cutler-Shaw, Joyce. Alphabet of bonesN7433.4.C874 A46 2003

DuQuette, Virginia. Matchbox galaxies. N7433.4.D869 M38 1999

Greenspan, Susan.   Clouds of America.  N7433.4.G732 C56 2008  

Hackemann, Rebecca.  Scaled down: a handbook for fishes about humans. N7433.4.H324 S2

Hung, Berwyn. Booster. N7433.4.H853 B66

Hung, Berwyn. Graymatter. N7433.4.H853 G72

Jacobs, Diane. The black hole. N7433.4.J33 B53 2003

Johnson, Sue. The inventories. N7433.4.J637 I58 2010

Kurzke, Hilke. To touch and to cut. N7433.4.K87 T6 2009

Leslie, Ken. Big man on the dot.  N7433.4.L47 B53

McCarney, Scott. Think SeoulN7433.4.M42 T55 2005

Pisano, Maria G.  Promise.  N7433.4.P576 A4 2000

Scobey, Patricia.  Hide.  N7433.4.S46 H52 2001

Stahlecker, Bonnie.  Maps of stones.  N7433.4.S7234 M36

Stahlecker, Bonnie.  Mid point.  N7433.4.S7234 M52

Thomas, Peter and Thomas, Donna. Glen Dawson. N7433.4.T463 G54 2008

Thomas, Peter and Thomas, Donna. Song of Creation. Not yet cataloged

Thomas, Peter and Thomas, Donna. Tree. Not yet cataloged

Tillery, Val. Artist/saint memorial match book. N7433.4.T5 A4 1987

Timm, Jill.  Ocean dunesN7433.4.T55 O23 2003

Timm, Jill. White sands. N7433.4.T55 W54  

Tuttle, Richard. White sails: 1999-2000.  N7433.4.T877 W54

Van Vliet, Claire. Tumbling blocks for Pris and Bruce. N7433.4.V3 T86 1996

Wood, Pamela. The corps of discovery: Lewis and Clark under the stars.  N7433.4.W65 C67 2004


*Most collectors consider miniature books to measure 3 inches or smaller in height, width, and thickness.


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