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LibKey from Third Iron: LibKey Nomad

Introduction to Third Iron products (LibKey and BrowZine).

LibKey Nomad

LibKey Nomad

LibKey Nomad is a browser extension that brings the one click access of LibKey Discovery and LibKey Link to the web. While using LibKey Nomad, you are automatically directed to the best available version of an article. There's no need to go back to the library's Quick Search or databases to get to the PDF of available articles. If full text is not available, you will be provided with other options, including interlibrary loan. 


You can get started with LibKey Nomad in three easy steps:

  1. Install the LibKey Nomad extension for your preferred browser. 

  2. Search for "Cleveland Institute of Art" from the list of institutions.

  3. Start your research and look for the LibKey Nomad button on the lower left screen to download PDFs.

LibKey Nomad at Publisher Sites

While browsing the web or visiting scholarly publisher sites, LibKey Nomad will provide a link directly to the PDF if the article is accessible through the library. 

University of Chicago Press Nomad screen capture

LibKey Nomad on Wikipedia

LibKey Nomad also provides direct access to scholarly journal articles that are cited in Wikipedia entries. You may see the typical "download PDF" link, but you may also see "article link." Article links take you to sources that do not support linking directly to PDFs, but still have full text availability. 

Wikipedia Nomad Screen Capture



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