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Library Guide for International Students: Library terminology

What is that?

There are many terms used in the library that you may be unfamiliar with. If you don't know what something is, please just ask us! This list contains a few to get you started, and if you need more help, we have a glossary with Chinese and Korean translations. Just click on the link in the box to the right.

  • Stacks--The stacks are the book shelves.
  • Catalog--The catalog is just a listing of all the things we have in the library. It is available online. Our library shares a catalog with other libraries. The items that are in our library start with CIArt as their location.
  • Call number--The call number is like an address of where the item "lives" in the library. It is located on the spine of the book. Letters are always read alphabetically, the first number is always a whole number, and all other numbers should be read as a decimal.
  • Periodical--We call magazines, periodicals. Your faculty will probably refer to them as journals. They are all the same thing.


Understanding library terms