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Films on Demand: Home

This guide gives you information on how to access the streaming video service Films on Demand provided by the CIA Gund Library.

How to access Films on Demand from library website

1. Visit the library's A-Z Resources page.

2. Click on "F" to see this list of resources that begin with the letter F.

3. Click on title link for "Films on Demand: Master Academic Package." This link will take you through the proxy server.

  • On Campus (on school's WiFi): You are taken directly to the Films on Demand website with CIA user access.
  • Off Campus (not on school's WiFi): You are taken to the login page of the proxy server for Films on Demand. You will need to log in in order to access the website. Use your CIA email address and email password to log in.

4. From this point, whether you are on or off campus, you should receive the same level of access and can begin watching films.

Creating an account on Films on Demand

Once you gain access to the website through the proxy, the library advises you create an account on Films on Demand. This way, you can save films, create playlists, and also log in directly through without worrying about first going to the library website and then logging into the proxy server.

To create an account:

1. Follow the steps above under "How to access Films on Demand from library website."

2. Once you have CIA proxy access to Films on Demand, go to the top-right and click on the user icon labeled "Your Profile."

3. Go to the bottom of the box that appears and click "New User? Sign Up."

4. Fill out the required fields on the following page. Use your CIA email address for this account.

5. Click "Create Account" and you are all set. This account will now automatically be tied to CIA as long as you created the account while logged into the CIA proxy server.

Other ways to search for Films on Demand videos

From catalog:

1. Search topic(s) of interest in

2. Click "Modify Search" at top-center of results page.

3. Refine search to Location: CIArt and Material Type: Electronic Video.

4. Click "Submit" in center of page.

5. All results will now be available to CIA users.

6. Click on any title. Once in the video's catalog record, click the link in center that says "Connect to resource (CIA only)."

  • On Campus: You will be directly taken to the video.
  • Off Campus: You will need to log into the proxy server.

From website:

1. Go to

2. You will need to have already set up an account to browse the video collection and start viewing them. See "Creating an account on Films on Demand" if you need to create an account. If you already have an account, just log in at the front page.

3. You now have access to the website, can browse the video selection, and watch videos.

From Quick Search:

1. Access Quick Search from the search box on the main page of the library website or by going to "Search the Catalog" on the same page and then clicking "Quick Search."

2. Search topic(s) of interest in Quick Search. 

3. Within the results list, refine search by Content Provider: Films on Demand.

4. When you see a title you're interested in, click the link under title that says "View video at Films on Demand."

Mobile Apps

Films on Demand also provides mobile apps for Apple and Android devices. Click on the links below to download.

Apple FOD app download

Android FOD app download

NOTE: You will need to have a Films on Demand account to use these apps. Please see "Creating an account on Films on Demand" for steps on how to do this.

Having trouble logging in?

If you forget your password, the "Forgot Password?" link below where you usually log in appears to be broken. Instead, try this link: 

and click "Already Have an Account?" at the top-right to reset.

If you cannot remember your username, or have other problems with logging in, please send a message to