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COVID-19 Stories: Collecting CIA's COVID-19 Stories

Collecting CIA's COVID-19 Stories

Help us collect CIA's COVID-19 Stories

CIA's Jessica R. Gund Memorial Library Archives is documenting the personal experiences of our students, staff, and faculty regarding their experiences surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic. The pandemic had a tremendous impact on student and employee lives and we want to hear your stories. 

The archives is collecting personal statements, journal entries, creative writing, 2D artwork, photos of 3D artwork, emails, photographs, videos, audio recordings, and other digital evidence of the ongoing situation around COVID-19, specifically as it relates to being a CIA community member. We hope to give future students and researchers a clear picture of what CIA was like during the pandemic.

Some examples of the types of things we’d like to hear about include:

  • How did you learn about the shutdown and the shift to online learning?
  • What was the transition to online learning at a school of art and design like?
  • What was art school at home like? 
  • Were you displaced from student housing? What was the move out process?
  • Were you unable to return to your home?
  • What was it like to work from home? What was it like to work on campus?
  • What was it like in your department, your studios, and/or residence halls with social distancing measures in place? 
  • If you had to quarantine, what was that like? (Please do not discuss your specific medical issues.) 
  • What was it like to interact with your colleagues, your faculty members, and/or other students?  
  • What did you miss the most about the typical CIA experience?
  • What did you discover about what worked or what you liked about CIA during the shutdown or during the following year?

We invite all members of the CIA community to record your stories and contribute them to the archives for preservation and a place in the CIA's historical record. Please complete the form at the link below to contribute your stories.

Thank you for helping us preserve CIA’s history.


Please do not submit college-wide emails from the president, COVID Task Force, or other college official; local, regional, national, or international media coverage (e.g., articles, news video clips); artwork or three-dimensional items (we can accept photos of these items); personal medical records; student records and graded student work/assignments.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I do this?

Your participation in this project provides valuable information about the experiences of CIA community members that will provide historically significant information for future scholars and researchers. One of the most commonly asked questions during this time was, "What was CIA like during the 1918 pandemic?" Sharing your stories will help future scholars and researchers better understand CIA during these unprecedented time. Art school online? How did they do that? Your story will become a part of CIA's history. 

Can I remain anonymous?

Yes, you can remain anonymous and can share as much or as little as you would like. You can also choose to provide access to your submission immediately or choose to delay access for five years. We will not share your contact information, although the library will retain that information in the event we do need to contact you. 

Who can I contact if I have other questions?

Please send an email to

Special thanks to the University Archives at Case Western Reserve University for their permission to adapt much of their language on our submission form.