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Getting Started With Research

Evaluating Online Resources

Evaluating websites

Not all resources are created equal! Internet information is not curated like information stored and accessed via the library.

You must take time to evaluate internet resources. Use the following questions as a guide when evaluating a website:


Who is the author or sponsor of the content?

 (What are their credentials?)


Where did the information come from? 

(Did the author include citations and links to other websites?)


What is the purpose of the site? 

(Is the content opinion-based or fact-based?)


Why has this information been published? 

(Is there a clear agenda to sway you one way or the other?)


When was the site created and last updated? 

(Do all of the links still work?)


How is this information useful to you? 

(Will this content fill an informational need?)

Domain Names

.com .org .gov .edu
private individual or company non-profit organization government agency educational institution
take time to fully evaluate a .com website be cautious; they often have an agenda usually credible usually credible