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Resources for storing, cataloging & preserving photographs: Home

Links for PHV 350 Photo Archive, Book & Portfolio class library visit

Some best practices and procedures guides:

National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) - Preservation Information

 Federal Agencies Digitization Guidelines Initiative (FADGI)
Collaborative effort by federal agencies to define common guidelines, methods, and practices to digitize historical content in a sustainable manner. Includes guides to film, audio, video, and still images

Technical Guidelines for Digitizing Cultural Heritage Materials (FADGI Still Image Working Group)
(Additional links to specific FADGI documents are to be found under other topic headings as well.)

Universal Photographic Digital Imaging Guidelines (UPDIG)
(UPDIG-DISG Digital Image Submission Guidelines, 2007)
According to the Visual Resources Association, “the DISG working group addresses standards to improve the “hand-off” (interoperable transfer) of digital image files from photographers to end users of all types. This diverse community includes stock image distributors, magazine and book publishers, publication designers, web designers, art directors, museums and fine-art publishers.”

Stanford University Libraries Best practices for file naming
Easy, clear ideas for how to best name your files. See also the best practices for file formats and metadata creation. -

(List compiled by Laura M. Ponikvar, Library Director –

Some preservation resources:

Gaylord Archival  
Basic preservation supplies & tools; kits; exhibits & display; storage, packing & shipping

Basic book protection supplies

University Products 
Preservation supplies & tools; some kits; exhibits & display; storage, packing & shipping; photo preservation & storage; book binding tools & supplies

Preservation supplies & tools; kits; bookbinding supplies & tools; archival storage; good for tools

Conservation resources
Ready & custom made archival storage boxes

(List compiled by Dana Bjorklund, Technical Services Librarian –

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