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Gund Library 2022-2023 Year in Numbers: Overview

The Jessica R. Gund Memorial Library is an essential component of the academic and creative life at the Cleveland Institute of Art. The library serves as an intellectual and cultural resource for the college, actively supports a rigorous visual arts and design education, and nurtures the scholarly, artistic, and professional development of CIA students and community members.

We strive for excellence in all we do to grow the relationships between critical thinking, research, and art and design. We are committed to providing access to the best academic library resources, both digital and physical.

Because libraries are so much more than book warehouses, we are also dedicated to providing high quality, innovative services, programs, and displays to enhance the lives of our community. We foster a comfortable, welcoming, and inclusive environment that encourages inquiry, inclusion, collaboration, and exploration to help our community think, create, share, engage, and grow.

Numbers only tell part of the story, of course. But these numbers do paint a picture of how much our community is using our collections, spaces, and services. We think some of this information will surprise those who don't understand the breadth and depth of research and inquiry conducted by artists and designers. 



Jessica R. Gund Memorial Library
Cleveland Institute of Art
2022-2023 Year in Numbers

2022-2023 FTE - 572

Library Hours - 69 hours per week

Library Visitors - 22,011 +2%

Questions Answered - 1,847 -4%

Instructions Sessions - 41 +41%

Instruction Attendees - 569 +55%

Room Reservations - 461 +24%

Searches - 27,837 +72%

"Clicks" On Search Results - 67,984 +139%

eBooks Viewed - 4,517 +67%

eJournal Articles Viewed - 10,947 +122%

eMedia Use (images & videos) - 3,065 +76%

Physical Materials Checked Out - 3,242 +26%

Physical Items Used In Library - 1,316 +47%

Items Borrowed From Other Libraries - 179 +90%

Items Loaned To Other Libraries - 450 -89%

changes from 2021-2022 are indicated after 2022-2023 figures


Databases - 250

Periodicals (online & print) - 178,729

Newspapers (online) - 16,896

Books (print) - 50,066

eBooks - 841,878

Streaming Videos - 142,112

Archives - 11,563

Gund Library's 22-23 Year in Numbers

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